Dunning emails & sms for less

Recover failed charges. Hook up your existing transactional email tool and save on dunning emails.

Don't pay until first revenue is recovered

Set it and forget it

Integrate your Stripe account, set up your transactional email tool of choice and start recovering failed charges!

  • Dunning campaign analytics

    Login at any time to get an at-a-glance view of how your dunning campaigns are doing.

  • Pay a fixed rate

    No more surprises, your bill will be exactly the same every single month.

  • SMS support

    Billingly will automatically send an SMS-friendly version of your dunning email (if a phone number is provided via Stripe).

  • Payment retries

    To reduce the amount of messages sent, Billingly retries payment of the failed charge before sending each campaign email/sms.

Cheaper than building it yourself

Focus on building your product & business. The $37/mo is far less expensive than the time you or your developers will spend building and maintaining a custom dunning app. Furthermore, we'll continue to make Billingly work better for you and recover even more failed charges so you can work on other things (like finding more revenue!).

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Better customer experience than Stripe emails

Sending unwanted/unneeded emails is a great way to turn people off to a brand. Stripe sends an email (that is impersonal and clearly automated) to your customer every time a charge fails. Billingly will retry payment before sending each personalized email in order to send as few emails as possible. The goal is to provide a better experience for your customer.

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